The Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina / MSUV

Dunvska 37, Novi Sad
+381 (0) 21 526 634,
fax: +381 (0) 21 661 3526

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina was established in 1966. It started its publishing activities in 1969. To date, it has hosted nearly 400 exhibitions, and it has published over 300 original pieces, catalogs, studies, and books. They evidence continual, decades-long tracking, collecting, displaying, and storing of the contemporary art of Vojvodina, Serbia, and the region. There have been numerous solo and monographic shows of the national artists from the second half of the twentieth century. It has hosted many research, conceptual, and group exhibitions, as well as the exhibitions of esteemed regional and world artists.

MSUV adheres to the museological, research-oriented approach to the storing and presenting of the works of art from the latter half of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, all the while linking the national arts to the international scenes. The Museum collection includes artistic paintings, sculptures, objects and installations, graphics and drawings, conceptual art, film, video, and photography, intermedia and digital works, architecture, urban planning, posters, and graphic design from Vojvodina and Serbia, in addition to the works of regional and international artists and art collectives. It also boasts a great library and a newspaper archive. It collects, systematizes, and stores artists’ and architects’ dossiers, documents, and archival materials about all the participants and events informative of the history of Vojvodina.

MSUV gravitates toward a systematic exploration and revalorization of the history of art in Vojvodina, Serbia, and the region. It incorporates research, theme-based, retrospective, and monographic projects featuring novel approaches to and methods of acknowledging historically significant phenomena and individuals, all the while continually educating the public. The museum sustains contacts and collaboration with many national, regional, and international institutions. It also supports diverse approaches, marginal and alternative instances of art from the past. Simultaneously, it follows contemporary art production and practice. This is manifested in theme-based and solo shows, activities, talks, workshops, films, music and performance art for experts and the broader public alike.

Влладимир Митровић
Vladimir Mitrović
Curator (MSUV)

Art historian, senior curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina (MSUV) with more than thirty years’ experience of writing and curating. UPIDIV member since 1996. 

252 године ууметности у Војводини

252 Years of Arts
Memory Strategies
From the history of the arts associations of Vojvodina


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